I’ve been writing for business for my entire adult life.  I’ve done it all: from video scripts to marketing pieces, learning guides to website content, articles to Tweets.  I’ve had the opportunity to create all sorts of copy for all sorts of projects for all sorts of businesses in all sorts of industries.

Here’s what you should know about my writing:

I’m good at it – really, really good.

No, seriously.  I’m not just saying that because this is my website and I want to make myself look good.  I can say it on your website so you can look good too.  I’d say it differently, of course.  I’d write what you need to say.  Let me get to know you and I’ll write clear, persuasive, effective, conversational content that:

  • Provides your readers with the information they are seeking to discover.
  • Inspires your customers & motivates their repeat business.
  • Showcases the incredible services you offer.
  • Highlights your outstanding customer service.
  • Expresses your unique way of doing what you do.
  • Invites your clients to converse with your message in personal and meaningful ways.
  • Tells your story.
  • Conveys your vision.
  • Amplifies your success.

And it will be good; not just because I’m a good writer, but because you deserve to see your thoughts and ideas, wisdom and accomplishments, goals and creativity presented the way they’re meant to be….

Really, really good. (Actually, grammatically speaking, I should say really, really well.  I’m a good writer; I know these things.)