Business Relationships

In the age of globalization and multinational corporations, we sometimes forget about good ol’ fashioned, local, homegrown businesses.  While it’s often easier (and cheaper) to purchase items and services online, if we forget about local businesses and entrepreneurs, we miss vital opportunities to help our communities thrive.

I am a firm believer in supporting local business and serve as an enthusiastic resource for the folks who make the world move on the micro level.  I love the feeling of going into a barbershop or hardware store and knowing the faces of the folks in the chairs, behind the counter and in the aisles.  Relationship and connection make those places beloved and long-lasting.

And no matter how big or small your company is, relationships are the key to satisfying customers who  could – with the click of a mouse –easily find a better deal or faster response.  So, whether you’re Fortune 100 or the employer of 10, your business depends on making your clients feel that your services and products are as accessible as asking the handy man for an Allen wrench or getting a trim from the barber.

I can help you build and sustain those relationships and promote your company’s good will here in town or around the world.


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